My name is India, I’m 24 yrs old and I’m married. I am a christian women, seeking God’s own heart. I’m new to this blogging thing so I’m trying to get use to it. I’m use to writing privately but I just wanted to give this a try. Right now, I’m kinda lost for writing so I thought that I start by introducing myself and go from there. So I’m married and the only children with have right now are our 4 pets (well 5 if u include the rabbit). We have 2 dogs and 2 cats. I’ve been married for 1 year now, 9 Jan makes it a year. It has been a rough year but they say the first year is the hardest so I’m really looking forward to this next year. But then i heard the other day the first 1-3yrs is the hardest so hmmm… (no comments…lol).

My goal with blogging is to encourage others to have faith in God, to trust Him, and wait on Him.It’s to meet and develop relationships with other individuals and it’s plainly for me to have a place to express myself. Things dont always happen the way we want or hoped for but being a child of God we know if we continue to have faith “all things God works for the good” (Romans 8:28). My blogging is about my journey as I go forward to be a Proverbs 31 women.

I encourage people to leave comments, ask questions, share their testimonies, etc.