What % Of People In The US Know What A Phytonutrient Is?

Only 16% of people in the US know what a phytonutrient is.

Phytonutrients (“phyto” is Greek for plant) are the natural plant nutrients that give fruits and vegetables their vibrant colors and health benefits.

What’s interesting is that 50% of people are familiar with lutein and 65% are familiar with lycopene – both are phytonutrients. (If I had to guess, I’d say the lycopene awareness is due to the “with lycopene!” you see on some ketchup bottles…)

Phytonutrient Awareness

Your challenge: Let’s boost awareness of phytonutrients! Try to incorporate the word “phytonutrient” into a conversation this weekend. If you get a blank stare, share Nutrilite.com/color with them so they can discover what phytonutrients are in a fun and interactive way! Extra bonus! On Nutrilite.com/color they can discover what their personal phytonutrient gap is.