Me and my husband loves animals. We have 1 dog, 1 puppy, 2 cats, and a rabbit. Right now in my journey with Christ I’m praying to be more submissive and have more faith in God. It’s amazing how loyal animals can be. No matter the circumstance or whats going on animals are sooo content. There so relaxed and with out a worry, they trust and depend on us to feed them, clean them, clean there litters, walk them, and whatever else they need. Even if u dont feed them at the same time as usual they still wait on you and continue to show there affection. They make patience look so easy. I just pray to have the faith in God that my pets have in us. God made animals so amazing in their character and nature (we’re really into our and God always has a way of revealing more of Himself to me thru them. As humans we have a way of over thinking things and over analyzing. The media tells us that we have to worry about things and be concerned, that we have to panic but God says to not worry(Luke 12:22-26), but to cast your burdens on Him(Psalm 55:22) . I just pray that I submit myself totally to Him so that HIS will be done in my life. I’m sooo excited to see more of Him in my life, to learn more of WHO He is and His works.

Please share your experiences with your relationship with God, I would love to hear about them… 🙂