Good verylate Evening, tonight I’m going to keep it short and sweet. I’m currently studying James. The book of James is basically about faith. He speaks about having faith with no works being dead (James 2). Many people say “I have faith, I believe in God and I go to church and/or read the bible sometimes”. What was revealed to me through my study is that I speak on faith but faith is also about the ACTIONS of doing what God told/tells me to do in my daily walk. We can tend to get side tracked or allow fears to stop us from doing what He wants us to do. We think about “but what if they say this or they say that, or what if this happens or this dont happen”, but if u believe that God has ordained for you to do something if you have step out and know “I dont have all the answers and I dont know where this is going to take me but I do know that God has told me to do this”. We have to take down the barriers that we have up between us and God. God will not invade our space unless we ASK Him to because of the free will He has given to us.

Also another part of our faith is how we are when we don’t SEE God in our lives. What are we doing? What are we saying? Are we trusting and believing God for deliverance. This is something that I’m still continuing to pray and work on but we have to sing when it’s raining knowing that when it stops the rainbow shows. The works here is praising God even though people dont see the evidence of His blessings in your life, knowing that your praises aren’t determined by the material things He gives us only but His blessings of another day to live which means another chance to make a better and different decision than the day before.  Learn to dance and sing in the rain… God bless and good night 😀