I am fan of In Touch Ministries with Dr. Charles Stanley and I was looking at his website and reading some of his articles and I came across his article about Battling in Prayer. Basically it’s about how we deal with conflict, worry, stress, etc and for me this is right up my alley with what I’m dealing with in my life right now. Not necessarily that I have a lot problems but just decisions that have to be made. I know sometimes people tend to think they need to pray more when there having problems but forget that you dont have to have problems to pray. We should be in prayer with every decision that has to be made so that is where I am going to God for everyday decisions and not stressing out trying to get the right answer. I think this is a great article to read. It’s short but covers a lot. So check it out and learn how to go to God in everything. He wants us to. God Bless!!!

Battling in Prayer

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