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If you are serious about deepening your relationship with Jesus and having a more intimate relationship with him, then I definitely recommend this book. Initially when I started to read, it took me time to get into it. At first I did think the beginning was a bit drawn out before getting to the actual meat of the subjects but as I continued on and it started to get into the meat portions, it became very interesting to me and started to draw me in. I found myself looking forward to reading it and getting to the next chapters.

While I still do feel some of the information was redundant throughout his text which I refer to as “filler” text. I didn’t feel the “filler” information was necessary. I did appreciate the text being down-to-earth, easy to read, and understandable.

The book was about the twenty-seven missions accomplished by Christ and the four missions he left for us as believers.

With his book he identifies and explains the four missions that Jesus left for us (the believers), which are:
1. Become More Intimate with God
2. Accelerate Your Personal Growth
3. Empower Other Believers to Better Follow Christ
4. Impact the Lives of Nonbelievers

He also included some “practical activities” and “action guides” in the chapters that I always love to see.

I think it’s a great book to guide you as a Christian, for new comers and seasoned Christians. It’s great at giving some direction as to what is expected from us and have an idea of our purpose.

Overall…I do recommend this book, I think it’s great to add to your collection/library… 🙂

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From Charles Spurgeon’s “Faith’s Checkbook” No Cause to Blush June 11 Fear not; for thou shalt not be ashamed. (Isaiah 54:4) We shall not be ashamed of our faith. Carping critics may assail the Scriptures upon which we ground our belief, but every year the Lord will make it more and more clear that in His Book there is no error, no excess, and no omission. It is no discredit to be a simple believer; the faith which looks alone to Jesus is a crown of honor on any man’s head and better than a star on his breast. We shall not be ashamed of our hope. It shall be even as the Lord has said. We shall be fed, led, blest, and rested. Our Lord will come, and then the days of our mourning shall be ended. How we shall glory in the Lord who first gave us lively hope and then gave us that which we hoped for! We shall not be ashamed of our love. Jesus is to us the altogether lovely, and never, never, shall we have to blush because we have yielded our hearts to Him. The sight of our glorious Well-beloved will justify the most enthusiastic attachment to Him. None will blame the martyrs for dying for Him. When the enemies of Christ are clothed with everlasting contempt, the lovers of Jesus shall find themselves honored by all holy beings, because they chose the reproach of Christ rather than the treasures of Egypt.

Battling in Prayer

I am fan of In Touch Ministries with Dr. Charles Stanley and I was looking at his website and reading some of his articles and I came across his article about Battling in Prayer. Basically it’s about how we deal with conflict, worry, stress, etc and for me this is right up my alley with what I’m dealing with in my life right now. Not necessarily that I have a lot problems but just decisions that have to be made. I know sometimes people tend to think they need to pray more when there having problems but forget that you dont have to have problems to pray. We should be in prayer with every decision that has to be made so that is where I am going to God for everyday decisions and not stressing out trying to get the right answer. I think this is a great article to read. It’s short but covers a lot. So check it out and learn how to go to God in everything. He wants us to. God Bless!!!

Battling in Prayer

India… 🙂


Push On…

In January, I took up the challenge to post a blog weekly and I have fallen very short of that commitment. I think about it often but its discouraging if you made the commitment and havent kept it, then it gets even more discouraging as time goes on because then you start thinking “’s been ___ long since I wrote”. Well I’ve decided to go on and cross the bridge and write. Forget about what WASN’T done and concentrate on what can be done today. Everyday is a blessing and a new opportunity to fulfill your dreams and aspirations that God has for your life. I cant dwell on the past, which is what I’m working on now, it cant be changed I can only change the present which in turn will create the future.

Write down how you want your life to be, your dreams, your hopes, your goals and write a plan to achieve them. Ask God to guide you in the process and forget out your past, learn from it and move on. It’s easier said then done (I know) but I have to constantly fight with my mind daily about the negative thoughts. Things and promises that were left undone by myself or attempts that I didnt succeed in or follow through with. God is a forgiving God and something I struggle with right now is believing that I deserve great things in my life right now. Sometimes I feel I have to pay for things in my past BEFORE I can reap any goods but I know thats not the truth. So this post is saying forget about what WASN’T done and start from where you are (which is all you can do). When you miss the goal, reset it, reevaluate, and go after it again and forget what others say. You can have anything you want in life if your willing to do what you have to do to get it. God wants the best for us, you and me so continue to move on… Ephesians 3:20-21

God Bless,


Faith Without Works…

Good verylate Evening, tonight I’m going to keep it short and sweet. I’m currently studying James. The book of James is basically about faith. He speaks about having faith with no works being dead (James 2). Many people say “I have faith, I believe in God and I go to church and/or read the bible sometimes”. What was revealed to me through my study is that I speak on faith but faith is also about the ACTIONS of doing what God told/tells me to do in my daily walk. We can tend to get side tracked or allow fears to stop us from doing what He wants us to do. We think about “but what if they say this or they say that, or what if this happens or this dont happen”, but if u believe that God has ordained for you to do something if you have step out and know “I dont have all the answers and I dont know where this is going to take me but I do know that God has told me to do this”. We have to take down the barriers that we have up between us and God. God will not invade our space unless we ASK Him to because of the free will He has given to us.

Also another part of our faith is how we are when we don’t SEE God in our lives. What are we doing? What are we saying? Are we trusting and believing God for deliverance. This is something that I’m still continuing to pray and work on but we have to sing when it’s raining knowing that when it stops the rainbow shows. The works here is praising God even though people dont see the evidence of His blessings in your life, knowing that your praises aren’t determined by the material things He gives us only but His blessings of another day to live which means another chance to make a better and different decision than the day before.  Learn to dance and sing in the rain… God bless and good night 😀

I receive daily devotions (Leadership Promises) from John Maxwell and  they are very enlightening so I thought about it before but now I decided to do it. I will post his daily devotions for you guys so that u can reflect on them as well and grow as a christian and leader in your daily walks. Feel free to share your thoughts on the daily posts as well… Here is today’s devotion…

May 6
The Tough and Tender Leader
For godly sorrow produces repentance leading to salvation, not to be regretted; but the sorrow of the world produces death. 2 Corinthians 7:10

In his previous letter to the church, Paul played the role of the tough leader. He instigated conflict. In this letter, he speaks more from a personal viewpoint, more from his heart. He exudes tenderness.

In 2 Corinthians 7, the apostle discusses how he caused the Corinthians sorrow, but distinguished between good sorrow and bad sorrow. Every leader will find this distinction profitable to understand.

Consider the differences:
Bad Sorrow                                           Good Sorrow
1. Pain goes on indefinitely                     1. Pain is temporary
2. Example: Judas  (Matthew 27:3-5)       2. Example: Peter (Luke 22:54-62)
3. Leads to regret and death                   3. Leads to repentance and life
4. Suffering based on selfishness            4. Suffering based on God’s will

Leaders should never seek revenge or desire to hurt someone just to vindicate their action. The pain they bring should have the constructive purpose of repentance and recovery.

The Maxwell Leadership Bible

I may post yesterdays and the ones prior for this week as well. But remember “in order to be a leader you must be a follower FIRST”.

Being Submissive to God..

Me and my husband loves animals. We have 1 dog, 1 puppy, 2 cats, and a rabbit. Right now in my journey with Christ I’m praying to be more submissive and have more faith in God. It’s amazing how loyal animals can be. No matter the circumstance or whats going on animals are sooo content. There so relaxed and with out a worry, they trust and depend on us to feed them, clean them, clean there litters, walk them, and whatever else they need. Even if u dont feed them at the same time as usual they still wait on you and continue to show there affection. They make patience look so easy. I just pray to have the faith in God that my pets have in us. God made animals so amazing in their character and nature (we’re really into our and God always has a way of revealing more of Himself to me thru them. As humans we have a way of over thinking things and over analyzing. The media tells us that we have to worry about things and be concerned, that we have to panic but God says to not worry(Luke 12:22-26), but to cast your burdens on Him(Psalm 55:22) . I just pray that I submit myself totally to Him so that HIS will be done in my life. I’m sooo excited to see more of Him in my life, to learn more of WHO He is and His works.

Please share your experiences with your relationship with God, I would love to hear about them… 🙂

It’s been a while since I’ve written. So many things have been happening in my life. God is so awesome!!! It has been a roller coaster for me. But throughout I have been learning so much. Throughout this time apart from writing my computer has crashed and I had to get a new hard drive which was very hard because I didn’t do an updated backup so i lost SO MUCH information on my computer for my business and personal. That was a big lesson in itself, but I look at as God knew I had to clean my computer and what I needed (or think I needed) I’ll get it again so it hasn’t affected me dramatically but it is a hard pill to swallow when u hear the tech say “we cant recover it”. Some other stuff thats been happening is me and my husband has moved into a house and we’re loving it! It’s not our dream home yet but it is a couple of steps up from where we were so of course we’re excited about that. **Remember the goal is ALWAYS to move FORWARD no matter how big or small!!!** Also my husband has been promoted 2 since the last time I wrote which is an absolute BLESSING. I am so grateful for God’s so undeserving gifts and blessings, there so humbling. Our business is doing great and I am rearranging my life and my priorities which is turning out well. I do have to say that being a housewife is turning out to be a bit more challenging than I was expecting but I know that once the habit is in place it’ll get easier. I would like to hear how other housewives deal with there schedule as far as putting there husband’s needs first while balancing a home business or just how do u keep to ur schedule? I find it easier to keep to my business schedule but home schedule is just not the same or should I say putting them together…

What are some things u would like to share about how God has worked in ur life? I’d love to hear! 🙂