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Push On…

In January, I took up the┬áchallenge┬áto post a blog weekly and I have fallen very short of that commitment. I think about it often but its discouraging if you made the commitment and havent kept it, then it gets even more discouraging as time goes on because then you start thinking “’s been ___ long since I wrote”. Well I’ve decided to go on and cross the bridge and write. Forget about what WASN’T done and concentrate on what can be done today. Everyday is a blessing and a new opportunity to fulfill your dreams and aspirations that God has for your life. I cant dwell on the past, which is what I’m working on now, it cant be changed I can only change the present which in turn will create the future.

Write down how you want your life to be, your dreams, your hopes, your goals and write a plan to achieve them. Ask God to guide you in the process and forget out your past, learn from it and move on. It’s easier said then done (I know) but I have to constantly fight with my mind daily about the negative thoughts. Things and promises that were left undone by myself or attempts that I didnt succeed in or follow through with. God is a forgiving God and something I struggle with right now is believing that I deserve great things in my life right now. Sometimes I feel I have to pay for things in my past BEFORE I can reap any goods but I know thats not the truth. So this post is saying forget about what WASN’T done and start from where you are (which is all you can do). When you miss the goal, reset it, reevaluate, and go after it again and forget what others say. You can have anything you want in life if your willing to do what you have to do to get it. God wants the best for us, you and me so continue to move on… Ephesians 3:20-21

God Bless,