Ok, I am not a big snow fan and this weather is just over doing it. It is snowing at like the worst time for me and my husband. Meaning we are currently looking for a new place and well it’s not happening with the snow because people are canceling the looks. I think today would have been fine to show some places. I mean some of the main highways are empty. I’m really hoping that the snow dont start till later tomorrow and when I say later I mean like 5pm. Another thing thats messed up is that while people are canceling there showings our dogs (2) are in a boarding home that we still have to pay for each day. I’m praying and trying to not be upset about it but I’m so fustrated that our dogs are still n boarding place that we have to pay for even when we have NO control over the circumstances right now.

But on the flip side (you know always look for the positive) I have been getting a lot of things in order for my business and have been packing out online meetings being as though a lot of people are in the house now and off from work people have their time to do what they would like to do. So now I am currently getting my calling list together for tomorrow. If weather permits I should be able to look at at least 3-4 properties tomorrow then get home and make my phone calls while companies are open for a little while. I dont know I’ll figure it out by tomorrow and play it by ear…

So hears my message…instead of looking at the downfall of the snow, look at what you can accomplish in the time whether it’s prayer and quality time with God, getting your house organized, catching up with paper trails, or just relaxing. A lot of days we’re so tied up in life that we dont take the time to care of things that are just as important like alone time with God or spending quality time with our mate. I’m telling you guys from experience that sometimes when you have things to do or goals set in place (which we ALL should) it can be extremely hard to relax because you constantly feel sometimes that you should be doing something, anything towards your goal. But sometimes if you do at least 1 small thing 1 day towards your goals thats enough…”inch by inch everything’s a cinch, yard by yard everything’s hard.” So cease the moments and take this time to pull out the games of pictionary, taboo, cards, etc. pop the popcorn, heat the hot chocolate, and pop in a movie…. 😀