Nutrilite Kids Coloring Book!

I got a sneak peek of the NEW Nutrilite Kids coloring book this morning, and it is super cute! It teaches kids about the importance of fruits, vegetables, and color – while still being fun!

The coloring book will be coming out on February 1, 2010 as part of limited-time, special promotion.

Nutrilite Kids Bundle Promotion
Starting on February 1, you get a free Nutrilite Kids Coloring book when you order a Nutrilite Kids Bundle. So, what in the world is a Kids Bundle? It includes three Nutrilite supplements for kids:

This “Kids Bundle Promotion” is only valid February 1 through June 30, 2010.

Starting on February 1, you can order this promotion using one of the two SKUs below, depending on what flavor of Nutrilite Kids Brainiums you’d like:

  • NUTRILITE Kids Bundle with Fruit Punch flavor Brainiums – SKU: 11-0404
  • NUTRILITE Kids Bundle with Lemon flavor Brainiums – SKU: 11-0405

Nutrilite Kids Coloring Book